Dereliction of Duty


The RSF Association Bylaws (Article 7) are very clear on the power and duties of the Association Manager.  Section 7 regarding Compensation is also very clear in that “The Manager shall receive such compensation as the Board of Directors shall fix from time to time by agreement or resolution”

Board  action is required for an agreement or resolution and they are all recorded in the Board minutes of all meetings.  It is not the responsibility of anyone except the Board to make decisions on salaries and all other financial considerations.  It may have advice from the Executive Committee or the Finance Committee, but the final say is the Board of Directors.

If the minutes of prior Board meetings do not show any official action taken on compensation matters, they have no approval.  If there are considerations made without Board approval, they are either invalid and/or possibly illegal.

The primary function of the Board is to be fiscally responsible.  The Board should also be aware of all matters of the Association business and their employees conduct.  As our fiscal representatives they are also accountable for these matters.  If the public wants to know about salaries, contracts, etc., they are entitled to that information. Remember this is our association and we pay the dues that run it.

While people have asked for information on salaries over the years, nothing has been forthcoming.  Now we are wondering if there is any documentation of approval for salaries, and why wasn’t there any accountability if that was the case?  Board members have a serious job much like any other publicly elected official.  If you assume everything is running okay and not asking questions, you probably are either naïve or inept.

If something is broke, we try to fix it.  Well, we need some fixing in Rancho Santa Fe so let’s get it done.  Enough of thinking that being on the Board is a social function, let’s get some real answers and get the job done by people with management skills, accountability and reliability.

P.S.  What we don’t need are the nasty name-callers and self described investigators to dig up dirt.  If you can’ t say something nice, don’t say it at all.  This is a small town, let’s keep it friendly.