PIC Boycotts Gas Station Owner for Supporting Ann and Kim


I’m a second-generation owner of my family gas station business in Rancho Santa Fe. I’ve lived here for almost 40 years. And I am just one of the large group of registered voters in the community supporting Ann Boon and Kim Eggleston for HOA Board.

Over the last few weeks, I have put up signs in support of Ann and Kim at my gas station and in my yard at home. Each time, they disappear within 24 hours right off of my private properties.

And now, some members of PIC are boycotting my business because I put up a few “Vote for Ann & Kim” signs around my station.

Last Saturday, an older woman driving a white Chevrolet Volt screamed at my employee Steven and assured him that my business and family would suffer because of my support for Ann and Kim.

I don’t think it was a threat of physical violence from the elderly woman. But it was an affront on civility, democracy, and peaceful disagreement.

When PIC asks us to “preserve our community’s character” by supporting Dom and Susan, is this what they are referring to?

What this message sounds like to me is “either get behind us or get run over by us”.

The last time an Addario was on the board (around the same time PIC seized control and bought the Osuna Ranch) the Association stopped using my gas station for fuel and repairs.

I suppose I should not be surprised that now that they want to boycott us for a peaceful expression of opinion.

I shouldn’t be surprised that they stole all the lawn signs from my property Saturday night.

I won’t be surprised if I get a letter for some sort of covenant violation and a suspension of my voting privileges like I did the last time I supported a PIC opponent.

But I am surprised they have managed to hold onto power in this great Covenant for so long with such little regard for the diversity of the Rancho Santa Fe community.

And I am relieved that we can defeat them by voting for Ann and Kim on June 9th.