RSF Fiber Survey to Help Improve Internet and Wireless Service is Launched


A few RSF residents have hired Magellan Advisors to produce a feasibility study for a comprehensive fiber-optic network that enables residents and businesses access to the latest high-speed Internet services, industry leading television packages, home telephone options, wireless and potentially other services.

As part of their efforts, they are trying to reach out to the community for important information and feedback.

You can do your part now by taking a short three minute survey. Your answers will help towards finding the best solution.

You can get more information on the project on the survey’s website. Survey findings will be presented to the HOA Board at the conclusion of the study and will be instrumental in designing the best network, both technologically and financially for Ranch residents.

Read More About the Study

The website also mentions that home values will be positively affected with next-generation broadband connectivity through a fiber-optic network:

“For communities like Rancho Santa Fe, broadband development has been slow to evolve because the relatively low density doesn’t attract infrastructure investments from major providers.

As a result, we are left with dropped phone calls, poor Internet speeds, and a community that can’t offer services expected in today’s modern world; especially in a community like ours.

Most simply, the Covenant isn’t keeping up with the times. And when we don’t keep up with the times, our home values don’t either.

Let’s reverse the trend. Your kids, your business, and your home equity will appreciate it.”

At the Association’s January 8th meeting, Acting Manager Ivan Holler stated that they are still receiving proposals from other Internet service providers and will consider all options. AT&T has already submitted a preliminary proposal but the details have not been disclosed.