RSF Board Meeting: Parking, Mabee Development, and New Manager


The Rancho Santa Fe Association Board held its second meeting of 2015 on Thursday – the first with Bill Overton as RSFA’s new Manager. The meeting drew a large audience and animated discussion over multiple issues currently facing the community. At center stage was the Ranch’s future infrastructure needs. 

Internet & Communication Service

Another challenge facing the Ranch is its aging Internet and telecommunications infrastructure. This is a reality that Golf Club Manager, Al Castro, had to confront first-hand. Several weeks ago, the Golf Club’s Point of Sale (POS) system (provided through AT&T) went offline for three days.

Castro remarked, “We’re in the dark ages as far as telecommunications are concerned.”

Ironically, a privately funded comprehensive Feasibility Study that will explore putting in a community-owned gigabyte to-the-home fiber optic network in the Covenant is nearing completion.

In the meantime, however, the RSF Board moved to approve $17,500 in funds for a point-to-point system that would allow the Golf Club to operate reliably.

Parking & Mabee Development

Concerns about traffic congestion and lack of week-day parking in the village drew multiple members to the meeting including long-time resident and Merchants Association member, Marion Dodson.  She expressed concerned that, “we’re still finding an awful lot of [parking] problems in the village.”

Another member, Rick Nicholas, was similarly concerned about the traffic on RSF roads. His concern fell on a proposed development of the property which once belonged to the late Covenant resident, Larry Mabee. The proposal is for a high-density development across 20-acres, which would include over 50 ‘casitas’ and planned amenities.

“We just don’t think that is consistent with the ranch,” said Nicholas. “[It] would exacerbate the traffic problem which could not be mitigated except by a smaller, more consistent development.”

In 2014, a supporter of the Mabee project presented the concept at a Board meeting. Since that time, there had been several representations, including one to the San Dieguito planning group, that said the Mabee project already had the blessing of the Rancho Santa Fe board.

While the Board is not taking a position on the project either way, President Ann Boon made sure to set the record straight. “The minutes may not have been accurately reflected.” She added, “Certainly the Board would not have been supportive of a project with only a concept.” Additionally, the Mabee property development plan would have to first be approved by the Covenant Design Review Committee (CDRC) before it could come before the board.

To correct the error, the Board agreed to send a letter to the San Dieguito planning group to clarify that the plan has not received an ‘approval’ from the Rancho Santa Fe Board.

New Manager: Bill Overton

Bill Overton, officially took his place as the new RSF manager last week. In a short address to the Board meeting attendees, Overton expressed gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity to serve members of the Association.

“I view it as my neighborhood. I’m not just your manager, I’m your neighbor,” he said. “I’m impressed by the Board and I’m also impressed by the list of projects that we have to undertake and resolve. I’m excited by the challenge of achieving all of those goals.”