Candidate Forum


The Rancho Santa Fe Association’s annual meeting was held at the Garden Club on Thursday night. Members who attended were given a recap of Association business from 2014, as well as brief presentations from candidates for the Rancho Santa Fe Association Board of Directors.

Board President Ann Boon began the meeting with an overview of the past year’s accomplishments, starting with the increase in transparency.

“With every action the Board has considered or has taken we have held our discussions in public and allowed them to be recorded and reported to you in the local newspapers,” she said.

She also highlighted the increase in voter registration and member participation.

“Through improved communication and energetic efforts by several members of the community and staff, we not only increased the number of members who are registered, but have a much better picture of who are and are not registered,” she remarked.

After her recap, Board President Boon presented a special certificate to Daria Quay for her outstanding efforts in increasing voter registration throughout the Covenant.

Next, the candidates for the Rancho Santa Fe Association Board took to the podium to outline their visions for the future of the Ranch. First up was Mike Licosati, who focused on how he believes the community has the capacity to move forward on major issues.

“I firmly believe what we can gain by working together outweighs any minor differences we may have. We have a world class community here in Rancho Santa Fe, we have world class residents, and we deserve to have world class infrastructure and amenities.”

Licosati went on to detail how he is hopeful and excited about the opportunity to join a very accomplished and productive board of directors.

Fred Wasserman spoke next. He started his presentation with some insight into his approach to management.

“I’m very transparent,” said Wasserman. “I’ll tell you what I think and I’ll tell you what I don’t think and I’ll tell you what’s possible.”

He continued and explained why he is excited to continue the good work that was started on the finance committee.

“In the last year, we have made some incredible strides on the finance committee,” said Wasserman. “I don’t know if you know this but for the longest time we did not have a balance sheet. Now thanks to Kim and Don May, our new accounting staff, we now have a balance sheet.”

Licosati and Wasserman are running uncontested for two seats on the Rancho Santa Fe Board. Ballots will be mailed to residents this week. All ballots must be returned to the Association by June 15th in order to be counted.