Transparency, Inclusiveness and Intersections


Last year our campaign promised to bring transparency and inclusiveness to the Rancho Santa Fe Board. This message resonated with a large number of RSF residents and we are humbled to have the opportunity to turn the message into action.

Recently the Board considered the long standing issue of roundabouts versus stoplights at the Paseo Delicias-Del Dios corridor. In reaching our ultimate decision, we as a Board did our best to reach out to the community for your input. On April 29th, for example, we held an open public forum on the issue . Those who showed up to the forum were overwhelmingly those who mobilized in support of traffic signals.

Many residents have thanked us for our vote in favor of traffic lights. Others, however, feel very passionately that the ‘right’ decision was roundabouts.

The governing process is not an easy one. Any vote on a decisive issue naturally divides a community. Our job, as a Board, is to give everyone in the community an opportunity to participate in the outcome. We did our best to that end and will continue to work in the best interest of the entire community.