Mabee No / Mabee Yes


Mabee no / Mabee yes?

That is exactly the question we would like to put before the entire Association membership – once they have seen and heard both sides of the Rancho Librado story.

Our family’s position has always been to get all the facts together and then present them to the Association membership and let the community decide.  The established procedure is to take the project through the Association approval process that has been established and approved by the membership. We firmly believe that neither side should circumvent that process. It was established to give ample opportunity for every member to weigh in on development proposed within the Covenant.  Under the Association’s current regulatory rules, the proposed project will be required to submit three separate submittals that will require three separate actions by the Covenant Design Review Committee and at least two separate submittals and approvals by the Association Board.  

Once these steps are accomplished the project is still subject to a membership wide vote which we fully support taking place. The strengths and weaknesses of the project should be weighed by everyone before a decision is made.  Every Association member has the right to hear first hand the positive and potential negative aspects of the project. Then the membership can decide.

We are still very early in the design process. In fact, before we can even begin to work on the final design, we need to bring the County’s entitlements on the site in line with the existing Covenant entitlements.  Once that process is completed we will stop all submittals with the County and begin the Covenant process.  We will not go to the County for any additional approvals unless and until the project is approved under the Association rules. We have been working on the County entitlement issue as a first step with the complete knowledge and agreement of the Association staff.  This has been the normal procedure for a member in the past when the County’s entitlements differ from the Covenant entitlements.

The project has many components and impacts. We have been working on defining the issues so we can present the actual facts and not just projections and speculation.

At the last County Planning Group meeting one of the opponents of the project commented that only 20 of the 480 people who signed an opposition statement had actually seen a presentation on the project.  That’s when we realized that it is time to present the other side of the story as best we can with the understanding we are still very early in the design and review process.  To this end we have reserved the Garden Club on August 6th at 6:00 pm for a community presentation on the project.  We encourage everyone to come and hear what this project is really about and ask any questions you may have.

We will explain what the required process is for both the Covenant and the County, where we are in the process and give a basic overview of the concept we are working on.  

Our family has been working very hard on a concept that we believe will greatly enhance the community and provide for a need that was first identified here in Rancho Santa Fe over 25 years ago.  

We sincerely hope you will come out on August 6th and hear the other side of the story.  Then decide for yourself whether Rancho Librado makes sense for our community.