To Roundabout or to Signalize: That is the question!


After much discussion and debate, we are still at a crossroad of public opinion on traffic controls in RSF. There seems to be a good case for either proposed solution. It often depends on where you live and/or how you are and will be affected by traffic to and from Escondido on Del Dios Highway to Paseo Delicias to Via de la Valle traversing the east side of RSF.

Maybe we should explore the west side to see how we handle traffic going to and from Encinitas on La Bajada. Once you go down La Granada past La Noria you just keep going with the flow turning onto Rancho Santa Fe Road and then Encinitas Blvd. There is a traffic signal at the four way intersection in Encinitas. All other crossing traffic stops and waits at the La Bajada curve until you are able to continue on your way to or from El Mirlo. This seems to work pretty well, it’s simple, and it keeps through traffic flowing.

The current debate of only traffic signals vs roundabouts is very limiting in my opinion, as there are other solutions. Why do all three locations all need the same fix? They are all different, one in particular has nothing in common with the other two, yet we are asked to make the same fix for all three of them? This is a like a “one size fits all” solution, when it doesn’t really fit every one very well.

Soon, we will be asked to respond to a survey on this traffic situation by the RSFA and it was requested that we decide only on either traffic signals for all three locations or three roundabouts. Well, I have suggested that we treat the three locations separately on the survey and also be able to have different choices for each location, as they are all some distance apart. The choices for each location could be: traffic signal, roundabout, or neither/nothing. The latter choice could then solicit other solutions to be considered or nothing. We also need to remember that each choice has a different price tag and time frame for the County to construct. That’s where you need to do your homework.

The County wants our answer in order to complete their required Environmental Impact Report (EIR). The RSFA Board wants to instruct the County as to what the community desires, since what appeared to be clear direction from the last community meeting’s straw vote is now being hotly debated. Hence, another community survey, another meeting with more information on the pros and cons of signals and roundabouts before a final decision by the RSFA Board of Directors.

Well folks, here’s our chance, once again, for us to help decide on what’s best for RSF and answer the question and find a solution once and for all….hopefully.