RSF Association August Meeting


On Thursday, August 6, the Rancho Santa Fe Association Board of Directors held their monthly meeting at the RSF Golf Club to provide community members with updates and move forward on a variety of community issues and concerns.

RSF Reduces Water Consumption by 45%

Special guest Assemblyman Brian Jones (R-Santee) was in attendance to provide a brief legislative update and discuss the ongoing drought. Currently, he represents the most southern region of San Diego, but announced he will run for State Senate in 2018 to replace Senator Joel Anderson (R-El Cajon) at the end of the Senator’s term.

Anderson’s Senate district includes the Rancho Santa Fe region. Therefore, Assemblymember Jones made a pitch to meet with community members to discuss his goals, should he represent the 38th Senate District.

At the start of the meeting, Board President Ann Boon highlighted the importance of collaboration with the Santa Fe Irrigation District to conserve water during the drought and announced the Golf Club’s newly formed water committee.

The committee is tasked with researching the viability of obtaining secondary water sources aside from the water within the Golf Club’s own well. The Board will seek out local, state, and federal funding sources to determine if the Golf Club can obtain additional funding opportunities to seek other water resources.

Similarly, Association Manager Bill Overton praised Covenant residents for reducing water use by a whopping 45 percent.

New Member on the Finance Committee

When it came time to vote on new committee appointments, there was open debate on who would be the next member of Finance Committee. Two qualified candidates, Alex Kaiser and Philippe Charat, were interviewed by the Committee.

The Finance Committee voted 4-1 in favor of Charat, but the Board made a unanimous, 7-0, decision to approve Kaiser, citing the importance of diversifying current representation in the Finance Committee.

Association treasurer, Kim Eggleston elaborated on the Board’s rationale,

“He is in the tennis club which we don’t have any representation from… He is actively involved in business, very analytical, can represent a constituency, and demographic that we don’t have.”

Currently, several long-time members of the Golf Club serve on the finance committee. The confirmation of Charat would have added an additional member of the Golf Club to the Committee. Kaiser, on the other hand, is a young working father and works as the co-managing member of a successful financial services company. He is also a member of the Tennis Club.

The Board noted that both candidates were qualified for the position. The Board emphasized in its unanimous decision that the vote for Kaiser was in consideration of their promise to promote more diverse representation.

The Village: Short-Term Parking Solution

Various village development projects are currently in the works and were discussed during the Board meeting. President Boon announced the newly formed Village Planning Task force which convened in July. It is comprised of community members who have planning and development experience including: Todd Buchner, Bill Cardon, Marion Dodson, LaDonna Monsees and Stacey Pennington.

Additionally, expansion for two-hour parking space in the village was unanimously approved by the Board. Now, the parking plan will be taken to the County Board of Supervisors who will ultimately have the final decision on the parking designation approval process.

President Boon stated,

“This is a short term solution, it’s something we can do immediately. Given the restraints we are under, we hope it will help the merchants. But it’s really only one piece of a long-term parking plan, that the new Village Planning Task Force will be working on.”