RSF School Board Makes Decision on Participation in School Programs


The Rancho Santa Fe School District set an official policy on participation in school programs at its September 11 meeting. In August, the board declined to allow non-enrolled students access to participation in school programs. In a vote on September 11, the board upheld this decision.

The vote was a 3-1 decision in favor of upholding the policy that students need to be enrolled at Roger Rowe to participate in its programs.

Richard Burdge, Todd Frank, and Tyler Seltzer voted to uphold the policy. Todd Buchner voted against the it, favoring a more open program. Board member Marti Ritto was absent. 

In a recent RSF Post opinion piece, Anne Golden argued:

We are not looking for preferential treatment, just the status quo. It might be reasonable that currently enrolled students get priority, but it is discrimination to outright reject district students based solely on the fact that their parents chose another option for their education especially in light of the fact that at least 15 non-district, non-taxpaying students get the benefits that district taxpayers do not enjoy and there are multiple cases of prior precedent.

“Obviously, it’s a highly-charged, emotional issue,” Tyler Seltzer, Vice President of the RSF School Board, told the RSF Review. “I believe it is the best interest of students in this school to not allow non-enrolled students to go here.”

This debate stems from the case of a non-enrolled student who wished to continue participating in the robotics program at Roger Rowe. Beth Nelson, the mother of this student, stated at the September 11 meeting that their family had to leave the school for academic reasons and disagrees with the board’s decision. 

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