Santa Fe Irrigation District Tops CA in Water Conservation Efforts


The Union Tribune reported Thursday that Californians beat Governor Jerry Brown’s 25 percent water conservation mandate by 2 percent in August. The Santa Fe Irrigation District, which includes Rancho Santa Fe, led the state in reduced water usage with 39.9 percent in cumulative savings, and 34.8 percent saved in August.

According to the Water Resources Board:

“Cumulative savings for the summer, despite hot and dry conditions, puts the state half-way to meeting its goal of 1.2 million acre-feet of water saved by February 2016. State Water Resources Control Board officials stressed that it will take persistence on the part of urban water users, now and into winter, to meet this goal.”

The Union Tribune reported,

“Santa Fe Irrigation District was the county’s top cumulative saver, saving nearly 40 percent. The district, which includes Rancho Santa Fe, has a mandate to cut water use by 36 percent.

San Diego County is better positioned than most areas of the state to withstand a drought. The San Diego County Water Authority has in recent years secured a second source of water along with its traditional supplies from Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, the region’s main water wholesaler. That new source of water comes from conservation pacts made with farmers in the Imperial Valley, enabling imports of Colorado River water.

And before the end of November, the water authority is scheduled to get an entirely new source of water from a seawater desalination plant in Carlsbad. Owned by Poseidon Water, the plant has the capacity to make 50 million gallons of fresh water a day, about 8 percent of the county’s supply.”

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