Something You Should Know About Roundabouts


For all residents who drive on Las Colinas be aware!

If roundabouts are approved by our community, traffic will flow continuously without any break. So if you proceed west on Las Colinas towards Via de la Valle, you will have great difficulty getting on to that roadway. You won’t be able to safely enter the traffic flow because many other vehicles will be heading west at the same time. This frequency can be up to one vehicle every two seconds during the peak hour traffic periods. That peak traffic period occurs at 6AM to 9AM heading west and 3PM to 6PM heading east.

The same concerns apply to anyone using La Valle Plateada and La Fremontia, particularly in the morning and evening hours. Don’t believe that courteous drivers will let you into the traffic flow.

The only solution is a traffic signal which will have a break in traffic with a signal change. This will allow you to safely enter the traffic flow.