Letter to RSF Residents Outlines Proposed Changes to Covenant Bylaws


RSF Association Board Director and Chair of the Governing Documents Committee, Fred Wasserman, sent a letter to residents outlining the proposed changes to Covenant Bylaws ahead of an October 22 Town Hall meeting.

According to the letter, the primary proposed changes include:

– Property owner(s) of record shall have one membership with two votes.

– Owners of multiple properties will continue to be limited to two votes, regardless of number of properties owned.

– All condominium owners will be enabled to vote

– Changes to comply with the 2014 Davis-Stirling Act and simplify member voting.

Covenant members have 45 days to submit written, faxed, emailed, or online comments to the Governing Documents Committee. The comment period ends on November 30.

Send written comments to:

Staff at RSF Association
P.O. Box A,
17022 Avenida de Acacias
Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067.


Send faxed comments to: (858) 756-9814 Attention: Governing Documents

Emailed comments can be sent to: GovDocs@RSFAssociation.org

*An online comment form will be available in early November.

Download the letter and proposed bylaws here