Rancho Santa Fe Overwhelmingly Votes for Roundabouts


In a decisive decision, the Rancho Santa Fe community voted roundabouts as their preferred intersection choice. Over the past few years, the debate has waged between installing roundabout vs. traffic signals. Now, the final community vote is in.

Out of 1,124 total respondents, 817 people (73 percent) voted in favor of roundabouts while 272 (24 percent) were opposed, and 35 abstained (3 percent).

“However Association members voted individually, this is a good time for Rancho Santa Fe. Our Board is committed to hearing the community speak. And they did. Now we can move forward with a clear voice from the residents,” said RSF Board Treasurer Kim Eggleston.

A few months ago, RSF Post conducted its own community survey on the issue. In that survey, out of 288 participants, 63 percent of respondents supported roundabouts.

The Association will now make their recommendation to the County of San Diego which holds ultimate authority on whether or not there will be roundabouts or signals at the intersections of Via de la Valle, El Montevideo/La Valle Plateada, and El Camino Del Norte.