If Voting Rights Change, So Must Association Dues


Rancho Santa Fe Association Board of Directors,

We are against any changes to the voting rights of the Rancho Santa Fe Association without a corresponding change to the allocation of Association member dues. Unintended consequences of the 1978 California’s Proposition 13, 50 years after our Association was formed, has led to a massive disparity among Association members dues. Providing additional voting rights to those who are not paying their fair share of Association dues is neither fair nor equitable. We are taxing without equal representation.

Much of our dues go to pay for operating expenses, staff, maintenance, landscaping, water, power, and the Rancho Santa Fe Patrol. We all benefit from these services equally, yet these operating expenses are paid disproportionately by those who purchased in the Covenant in the last 15 years to the benefit of those who moved here before 1996. This was an unintended consequence of Prop 13 and not the intention of the Covenant Articles of Incorporation.

An increase of votes from 2,112 to 3,590 is a 70% increase! How can we accept such a dramatic change in our voting outcomes without a corresponding look at fair and equal representation of our dues? What additional dues would these 1,478 new votes bring? Zero?

We would love to see a breakdown of dues by longevity. We need to shine a light on this growing disparity.

Thank you.