RSF Association Launches Updated Website with Member Communication in Mind


At the end of November, the RSF Association launched its new website constructed by MembersFirst Inc., the same company that designed the Golf Club’s website three years prior.

Association staff have been diligently working toward completing the site for the past few months. The new website is designed around the idea of transparency and communication in order to provide members with faster notifications of upcoming committee openings, meetings, and events.  

“We are in the modern era and we need email blast capability,” RSF Association Board Manager Bill Overton stated.

“We’ve received 50 percent of hits and opens on our first e-blast and 40 percent of links back to the Association website.” Overton continued that for industry standards, these numbers are astonishing.

The new Association website includes features such as a news section, direct links to the Golf and Tennis Club websites, an in-depth community calendar, and all Association guidelines and forms. There are also multiple areas to comment and request further information from Association staff.

At the December RSF Association Board meeting, Overton emphasized that this website is secure and does not contain credit card or social security information.

“I want to assure everybody that from a global standpoint the website is absolutely safe. This is a company that has launched over 900 websites and have never had a problem,” Overton said.

What the launch of the new website did uncover is that nearly 100 percent of Association members have never updated their personal passwords for enhanced security. It is now commonplace and necessary for passwords to contain a mixture of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

“The main message we want to communicate to members is to change your password,” Ann Boon, RSF Association President said.

The Association recently sent out an email notifying members to update their passwords and will also mail letters to those not on the list informing them to do the same.