RSF School Board Approves Master Plan for Building & Curriculum Upgrades


At its December 10 meeting, the Rancho Santa Fe School Board approved the district’s Master Plan. If the school is able to acquire the necessary property, the plan will act as a blueprint for what future development might look like with regards to demographic trends, curriculum development, and design upgrades.

Six years ago the district renovated its campus but is now realizing that program needs have changed. For example, the robotics program is flourishing.

“When you have five or six robotics teams, you do need a lot more space,” Superintendent Lindy Delaney told the Rancho Santa Fe Review. “I feel like the program is going to be a cornerstone program for the district going forward so the need for extra space is really here,” she added.

The RSF Review reports:

“The plan also includes the facilities needs assessment on the expansion of the gym with four alternatives: modernize the existing gym with additions, a new two-court gym, a three -court gym and a three-court gym and hardcourt.

In 2014, the district conducted a survey weighing residents’ opinions on the district going out for a bond on two new gym options. A $19.2 million two-court facility received 29.7 percent support and a $23.5 million three-court facility received 16.9 percent of the vote.”

Funding for school upgrades are not addressed in the plan directly.

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