We All Are In This Together


“If you want to win, you’ve got be a team player,” those were the words of many a high school coach and wise words they are indeed.

That’s why it is so very gratifying to see, feel and experience the new-found collaborative efforts of a variety of Rancho Santa Fe Covenant stakeholders who are determined to revitalize our community. It is the epitome of teamwork through respect, communication and support.

Last week, for the first time (but surely not the last), members of our RSF Golf Club House Committee, along with the ever-hardworking Shanon and Deryn gathered ’round a “United Nations-esque table” with a host of community merchants, non-profits and VIBE committee members who profoundly believe that the time has come for us to reinvent ourselves and evolve into a cohesive and mutually uplifting future – TOGETHER.

Attendees also included Caroline and Peter Jensen, the (ever-lovely) owners of the Country Squire Gift and Linen Shop (who have been here for 28 years and hope for another 28 at least!), the Manager of the Garden Club, the Manager of the Library Guild, The RSF Inn, the Manager of the Country Friends Consignment Shop, the Manager of the Community Center, Colleen Freeman the owner of RSF Estates and Fine Jewelry, Tim Cusac, the owner of Caffe Positano, Christy Whalen our shining new RSFHOA Communications Manager ..and if I have forgotten to mention someone my humble apologies!

What happened was fantastic. A comprehensive Community Calendar was created so AT LAST (Can you hear the angels cheering?) we all can be aware of each other’s scheduling  and special events! It is a beautiful thing to know that that moving forward we will not duplicate, overlap and thus wring our hands and gnash our teeth when we discover that our best laid plans are overshadowed by another’s best laid plan happening the same time!

We also explored ways to enhance patronage and support of our precious and loyal retail establishments and non-profits. In fact many of us discovered intriguing facts about the many fun and fanciful specials, classes, speaker series, fund raisers, and other gatherings that often times go unnoticed in and around our hope-to-be-happy hamlet!

Talk about win/win!

Team building is about synergy. This means the end result is more than the sum of the individual elements. 

There is a story about a contest in Canada for the strongest ox. The  winning ox could pull 8,000 pounds and the runner-up pulled just a little less than that. The owners of the oxen wanted to know how much the two oxen could pull together. Most observers placed a bet around 16,000 pounds. Some bet a little more, some a little less. When they actually put the two oxen in front of the weights, they pulled over 26,000  pounds! 

That is true synergy: the sum is more than the components together. That is why team playing is so vital to our community. I am NOT calling us oxen, but together we can pull our whole Association and its spirited stakeholders into a bright new reality. Come to think of it, perhaps at the next RSF Golf Club Yappy hour we can wrangle a coupe of oxen to prove our point! Anyone traveling soon to Canada?