Community is Encouraged to Attend Monday’s Cell Coverage Town Hall Meeting


Members of the Rancho Santa Fe community are encouraged to attend the Cell Coverage Town Hall meeting this upcoming Monday, February 29, at 6:30pm at the RSF Garden Club.

In an effort to solve the lack of cell coverage in Rancho Santa Fe, the Technology Committee has met with dozens of industry experts, received multiple proposals from service providers, and is now focusing on an agreement with American Tower Corporation (ATC) to finalize the process of selecting cell tower locations and move towards an installation development agreement for the Ranch.

Negotiations with ATC are in the preliminary stages and all specifications must be approved by the Board and the Covenant Design Review Committee.

Over the next few months, the Board plans on finalizing the business negotiations for the development of cell phone towers and will also speak with individual homeowners who feel that they could be adversely affected.

To date, the meetings have been heavily attended by opponents of new cell phone towers. Given the affect this project has on the entire community, everyone is encouraged to attend the town hall to voice your opinion and make sure the community is informed and heard. A consultant from ATC will also be present to answer more specific and technical community concerns.

Of particular import, many community members who have attended previous cell phone meetings have expressed health concerns associated with potential new towers. But many industry experts say that these concerns are misplaced.

“The reality is that if there is any RF [radio frequency] safety concerns related to cellular phone systems, it is with using the phone itself, not with the energy from the antennas on the tower,” Richard Strickland of RF Safety Solutions LLC states.

For further information on cell towers, your health, and safety concerns please review this information from the American Cancer Society, The Wireless Infrastructure Association, and RF Safety Solutions.