RSF Board, Do Not Vote For Cell Towers


We all want improved cell service. We can have it, just not at the expense of friends and neighbors or the detriment of the Ranch.

I ask each board member to vote no or to delay a vote on cell towers. A vote now is premature and fraught with uncertainty. This matter should be resolved locally prior to signing a contract with a vendor or submitting an application to the County. I ask that you do not form an alliance with any outside entity before considering in detail the adverse effects it will have on the Association members in the vicinity of the proposed sites and throughout the Ranch.

The Covenant defines the allowed use for the Lago Lindo and Via de Fortuna properties. I encourage the Board to comply with the provisions of the Covenant, paragraphs 97, 101, 107, 165 and 258. The La Glorieta roundabout site is too small. A 95 foot cell tower there will constitute a substantial increase in size over existing structures in the right-of-way and will have a negative aesthetic visual impact.

Cell towers will have a detrimental impact on residential property values and the RSF Historic and Cultural Landscape designations. In addition to the tower, each site will have locked windowless concrete buildings that continuously generate noise. These buildings house equipment, power supply, back up generators or batteries and will require 24/7 boom truck service access.

Three 95 foot cell towers will change the character of the Ranch, adversely affect real estate prices and impair the intent of Covenant zoning. Less intrusive alternate technology exists and is included in the Board and County approved RSF Wireless Facilities Master Plan.