The Truth Behind SFID’s Proposed Water Rate Increase


The eight page “Notice of Public Hearing Regarding Proposed Rate Increases for Water Service Charges” mailed out last week to all SFID customers did not provide a comparison of proposed percentage increases. 

A brief review of the Cost of Service Study reveals percentages ranging from increases of 46.8% (those using 5 units or less) to actual reductions of –4.6% for approximately one-third of all Single Family Residences.

The SFID mailing was not transparent in informing customers with lots larger than standard city size (Rancho Santa Fe, Fairbanks Ranch, Sun Valley area, Montecillo, and northeastern Solana Beach) that they could easily find their water bills increase by 15% – 20% or more in each of the three fiscal years for a combined increase of 45% – 60% or more.

The Rancho Santa Fe Association website is posting a one-page summary of proposed percentage rate impacts, along with a simple written protest form. 

As a recent article in the Review noted, 50% of the customers, or 3,253 written protests, are required to block the proposed rate increases. Readers who do not have access to the RSF Association website can find similar information under “Water” articles on the RSF Post website under water.

SFID customers – take a few minutes to understand the actual three year financial impacts of the proposed rates, and then consider if you wish to exercise your rights guaranteed in the California Constitution and submit a written protest before May 19, 2016. 

The General Manager of the SFID has indicated the SFID will not do a mailing, completely at the expense of someone other than the SFID, which would provide you, the customer, with information showing you exactly how much your water bill will be.