Moving Forward


Like most of you, I feel blessed to live in Rancho Santa Fe and care deeply for our community. As a result, I am both proud and concerned by what I see going on around us. While I admittedly do not understand all of the history, I have witnessed a positive transformation over the last two years by the current Association Board. I have seen a genuine commitment to more transparency; more convenient meeting times; higher voter registration; and proper accounting and financial statements. While not perfect, the Board has made positive changes and the trend lines are moving in the right direction.

I am particularly impressed with the leadership shown by Mike Licosati, Kim Eggleston, and Philip Wilkinson of the Tech Committee in developing an extraordinary plan for state-of-the-art fiber Internet for our community. This will improve our lives and increase the values of our homes. I am certain that these positive changes are attributable to a committed, thoughtful and progressive Board that is focused on generating meaningful results for our community and not on division.

That is why I was disturbed to find that my name (along with others) was attached without our permission to an “endorsement” poster hanging outside of the post office. This is the kind of misinformation and misrepresentation that has previously plagued our community. In this case, the misrepresentation by a member of the RSF Homeowner’s Group is problematic on many levels:

First, as you may know, in addition to being a resident, my company owns the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe. As such, we generally do not get involved in endorsements.

Second, Ken Markstein did not authorize the use of a list of personal friends for this purpose. As a result, relationships have been strained and he has been forced to spend time on “damage control”.

Finally, I have never met the other two candidates on the RSF Homeowner’s Group slate and believe that Rachel Laffer, Terry Peay, and Rachel Leheny offer the community an opportunity to continue the positive trend in good governance and have demonstrated a commitment to this end.

I do not want to go back to the days of governing by rumor and innuendo, backroom deals like the $12 million Osuna Ranch purchase and other questionable real estate transactions, or the stonewalling of efforts to improve our cell reception and other important improvements that protect our real estate values.

I encourage you to vet the candidates for yourself and vote for those who represent the kind of consensus-driven decision-making promoted by the current Board. We will always have differences, but all have a stake in protecting the value of our homes and the livability of our community.