Happenings in RSF


Our local papers have been full of letters about all kinds of things and in a few weeks all of these local issues will be over.

However, I would like to remind everyone that our current board in RSF has dealt with a lot of issues that last few years, some very important issues.

First off, we now have a very professional staff running the business of the Association. I mention this because now we have a very qualified CPA in charge of our finances and a very knowledgeable attorney who specializes in HOA (homeowner association) law on board plus other new staff members and what a difference they make.

Next, our board has really been dedicated to finding solutions to:

  • Better Internet access through fiber optics like no other community elsewhere has,
  • Letting the community decide on matters like traffic signals or roundabouts, future Covenant issues, ect.,
  • Actively looking for solutions to parking issues in the Village that had been ignored for years,
  • Making sure our bylaws are up to date with what our community wants and finally,
  • Choosing the best staff to keep our community safe and secure, well informed and on budget.

While some like to complain about what’s wrong, let’s give credit to what is right in our community. Rancho Santa Fe is a very special place and we want to keep it that way with good governance.

We elect our leaders to inform us on issues, listen to us and then do what is in the best interest of the community, That’s what leadership is in my book.