Danola, Finkelson, & Markstein Win 2016 HOA Election


The HOA election season has come to an end. In an open meeting at the RSF Fire Station this morning, the final results were tallied.

Janet Danola, Allen Finkelson, and Ken Markstein have been elected to serve as RSF Association Board of Directors replacing Heather Slosar, Philip Wilkinson, and Jerry Yahr.

This year, the candidates campaigned under two slates, although residents could vote for any three candidates. Rachel Laffer, Rachel Leheny, and Terry Peay made up one slate and Janet Danola, Allen Finkelson, and Ken Markstein represented the other slate.

Overall, turnout was quite high during this election. There were 1,654 ballots counted out of 2,200 eligible voters. That is over 75% voter turnout, the largest turnout in Covenant history. Compared to previous RSF Board elections, registration and turnout have both been improving immensely over the past two years.

Danola, Finkelson, and Markstein will be sworn in at the next RSFA Board of Directors meeting on July 7 at 9am at the Association office.

Congratulations to all of the candidates, supporters, and volunteers who participated in this election and a special congratulations to Danola, Finkelson, and Markstein.

Here is a breakdown of the results:

Danola: 1,012
Finkelson: 1,002
Laffer: 636
Leheny: 616
Markstein: 1,083
Peay: 565