RSFA Board Appoints New President & Establishes Permanent Governance Committee


The RSF Association’s new Board of Directors began their term with a full room at the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club.

The Association welcomed newly elected members Janet Danola, Allen Finkelson, and Kenneth Markstein, who replaced outgoing Board members Heather Slosar, Philip Wilkinson, and Jerry Yahr.

Ken Markstein will serve as Vice President and Janet Danola will serve as Treasurer. Markstein was also appointed as liaison to the Golf and Tennis Club Committees, and will act as the Committees’ voice for the Board.

The Board named Fred Wasserman as the newly-appointed President who will replace outgoing Board member and President Ann Boon. Boon resigned from the Rancho Santa Fe Board of Directors after serving since June 2011 to spend more time with her newborn grandson in Colorado.

All future Board of Directors meetings will be conducted at the RSF Golf Club to accommodate the recent increase in member attendance.

Wasserman explained these meetings are open to the community to participate during member input and that the Board welcomes any ideas that help the Association run smoothly.

He added that “member input is not an opportunity to comment on personnel, it is not an opportunity to attack people who work for the Association or Board members. It is an opportunity to help the Board.”

Association Revenues Up from 2015

Matthew Ditonto updated the Board and its members on the Association’s finances over the last 11 months.

Over the past year, property assessments and HOA dues have increased by about 3 to 3.5%. Furthermore, revenues are up about $300,000 from last year and operating expenses are well under budget from last year about $150,000, Ditonto explained.

Ditanto pointed out that since the Association didn’t have a balance sheet on May 31, 2015, there might be understated expenses from the previous year.

The Board unanimously reaffirmed the Audit and Finance Committee members and will conduct a financial analysis of the Association at every other monthly meeting.

Board Establishes Permanent Governance Committee

The Governing Documents Committee will now be a permanent addition to the Association. Board member Allen Finkelson will chair the newly-named Governance Committee.

“We discovered [from experience in the Governing Documents Committee] that there were other things this Committee needed to address. We need a broader committee because this organization doesn’t have a permanent Governance Committee,” Wasserman stated.

Wasserman explained the Governance Committee will periodically review the Association’s bylaws. It will also annually review the performance of the Association’s legal counsel and recommend retention or replacement. Lastly, it will periodically review any anticipated, pending, and active litigation.

“This Committee will now have the chance to look at these issues and make recommendations to the Board whereas before it did not have authority to do so,” Wasserman concluded.

The 13th version of the updates to the Association’s governing documents will be posted on the Association’s website. The Board will be asked to approve the recommended updates at the August Board of Directors meeting and then they will be put to a community-wide vote.

Board Appoints Co-Chairs to Technology Committee & Ad-Hoc Search Committee for New Association Manager

The Board appointed Allen Finkelson and Phil Wilkinson as co-chairs of the Technology Committee.

“We all feel that [Fiber internet] is an extremely important project and it needs to be done right. This Committee has spent a lot of time on this and it is a very difficult process. Please keep an open mind on this as we move forward,” Wasserman explained.

In addition, the Board appointed an ad-hoc committee to find a replacement manager to take over Bill Overton’s position after his resignation in June. Wasserman, Danola, Markstein, and Rachel Leheny will serve on this committee.

Two-Hour Village Parking Expected for August

RSF Association Director of Planning, Tom Farrar, and the Village Revitalization Committee have been working together to add two-hour parking spaces in the Village. Last month, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors approved the implementation of this and toward the end of August these spaces will be available. They also asked the County to consider angled parking to reduce congestion.

Covenant Club Cost to be Revisited

The Board determined that the previous agreement signed to reduce costs for the Covenant Club was not properly done, so the board is seeking to annul the signed documents and intend to review the issue. It is very likely that a new contract will be signed to address the cost-related concerns.

The next Board of Directors meeting will be held at the RSF Golf Club on August 4 at 9am.