RSF Association Terminates Fiber Internet Deal


The RSF Association Board informed the community that they had decided, at last Thursday’s meeting during executive session, to negotiate toward a termination of the Hotwire Letter of Intent (“LOI”) that would have brought a “fiber to the home” ultra-high speed 1GB/10GB Internet network to Rancho Santa Fe.

During last Thursday’s board meeting, RSF Association President Fred Wasserman said, “[This] gives us the option to look at other alternatives… We are moving ahead with a fiber-optic project here, we are going to do it right, we’re going to do it carefully and we’re going to bring it on budget. This is a very important item for this community.” No further information was provided.

An update of the deal’s status was included in a recent communication from the Board to RSF members:

“At its October 6 meeting, the Board, in collaboration with the Audit & Finance Committee and Technology Committee, affirmed that the creation of fiber network in the Ranch is a top priority, and stated that there is no definitive agreement with Hotwire Communications after months of negotiation. The Technology Committee has been directed to continue its focus on developing a fiber project strategy that is in the best interests of the community and that can be implemented in a judicious and expeditious manner. The Board will keep the community apprised of future updates on this important community project.”

The notice did not provide any further clarification on the status of the LOI.

When asked for comment, Board Member and Technology Committee member Kim Eggleston said, “I am disappointed that the RSF Association Board has decided to terminate the LOI with Hotwire. This is an enormous and possibly fatal setback for bringing high-speed Internet service into Rancho Santa Fe. The losers in this process are the families & businesses who will not get relief from the very slow and unreliable Internet service now available.”

Philip Wilkinson, a former Board Member and chair of the Technology Committee, who was instrumental in crafting the deal with Hotwire told the RSF Post, “I was disappointed that the new board voted to terminate the Hotwire Agreement after all of the time and money that has been spent over the past year and a half putting together that FTTH deal. I understand the board supports fiber and I’m hopeful that they will find an alternative provider/partner to achieve the goal of bringing reliable high speed internet to every home, school and business in Rancho!”