RSF Votes to Approve Amended Bylaws


At the October Rancho Santa Fe Association board meeting, Inspector of Elections Bruce Bishop announced the result of the vote. The vote passed decisively, with 704 votes in favor of changing the bylaws. A total of 226 votes were cast opposing the amended bylaws. Bishop stated, ”932 ballots were received, 2 ballots were void either for being blank or voting both yes and no.”

The Governing Documents Committee, originally called the Voting Rights Committee, had set the update in motion almost a year ago. Multiple community forums and an open comment period preceded the October vote.

The revisions will bring the documents in line with the Davis-Stirling Act and the California Corporations Code. including changes to the voting process giving each homeowner two votes.

“No set of bylaws has had this much exposure to the members of the community.” Wasserman stated prior to the October 6th meeting “So this was, I think, a very, very good process.”

Association members (about 75 percent of those who voted) stood behind the revisions to the bylaws indicating the time and community engagement paid off.