Board Adopts Tech Committee Charter; Plans Next Steps on Fiber


The Rancho Santa Fe Association (RSFA) Board voted 7-0 in favor of adopting a charter for the Technology Committee at its November 3 meeting. The committee, previously ad hoc and now a standing committee, is co-chaired by Board Directors Mike Licosati and Rick Sapp.

Board Director Sapp, explained that transitioning the committee from ad hoc to standing is a simple way to improve record keeping as the fiber project moves forward. The board also appointed two new members to the Technology Committee: resident, Philip Trubey, and previous Tech Committee member and Board Director, Philip Wilkinson.

According to Sapp, the committee’s next step is to complete an Internet Service Survey, which was released to residents on October 28. The survey follows a move by the Board to terminate a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Hotwire Communications on October 6.

Sapp explained the survey, which is set to complete on November 15, will provide the Tech Committee with the information necessary to design a better solution to bringing high-speed Internet to Rancho Santa Fe.

“This has always been an important issue strategically. It has a lot of effects on lifestyle and on real estate values potentially” said Sapp. “This is something everybody should take the time to do.”

The survey will be used to help create a service map of the Ranch so the Tech Committee can see where providers are currently serving customers as well as the level of service those customers receive.

In addition to conducting a survey, Sapp noted that his committee will endeavor to update residents weekly via email regarding the progress of the fiber project. To date, he added, the survey has received about 500 responses. Early results showed about 88 percent of respondents wanted new or improved Internet service while 75 percent of respondents wanted improved cell service.

After the survey is complete, the Tech Committee plans to schedule an open meeting to discuss the results and allow members an opportunity to review the principles established to guide the project.

Sapp concluded, “This is a complex subject as we all know. It has changing technologies that are constantly being offered/developed. From higher speeds to the battle between wireless and fixed point in terms of delivering these services…. So these are also the things in the environment around our process to gauge suppliers to find better solutions for our area.”