Board: Fiber Survey Results; New Parking Coming to the Village


The December 1st Rancho Santa Fe Association meeting covered a number of changes coming to the RSF Community:

Village Angled Parking Program

The board voted in favor to create additional parking spaces in the Village to assist local businesses. Parking constraints currently make it difficult for people to easily access the shopping available in the Village. The solution which should be implemented in the next couple of months is a restriping of certain streets to create additional spaces. Studies of the traffic flows in and out of the Village were done in order to determine if any streets could be converted to one-way in order to make space for parking spots. An additional 22 spaces of all day parking could be added by making changes to two different streets. This project will not require any construction, only repainting and some added traffic signage. Final approvals still need to be made before this can move forward.

Investment Policy Update

The Treasurer’s Report discussed a plan to update the Association investment policy. The policy has not been updated since 2003, and the board and present members of the community agreed that an update is necessary due to changes in the market.

HOA Collections

As a reminder, homeowners association fee collections are ongoing. Please pay your fees before today, December 5th to avoid being late! Additionally, if you pay all fees at once you get a partial discount on the second set of fees. For now, you still need to pay by check, but look out for online payments in the near future.

Fiber Survey Results

The fiber Internet survey concluded on November 15th, and the results were reported during yesterday’s meeting. 730 people participated in the 11 question online survey. Many people provided useful comments and feedback. Many of the commenters were happy that the association is doing its due diligence in researching the best way to bring faster Internet to RSF, while others expressed impatience at the length of the process.

Here are some highlights of the results:

  • 98% of residents have Internet at home.
  • AT&T and AT&T Wireless serve about three-quarters of those people.
  • About two-thirds of respondents are unhappy with their current Internet speed.
  • 88% of people are interested in improved Internet service.

Some comments from survey respondents:

“Getting high-speed Internet is paramount to myself and my family for staying in the area. I work from home, we have two young kids who will be starting grade school soon and it is necessary for them to have access to high-speed Internet for school”

“The lack of high-speed Internet is a huge negative for the community and will no doubt impact valuations. Many people work from home at least some of the time and lack of reasonable Internet speeds impacts their ability to do that.”

“Please speed your process, we are unable to do business and my children cannot do their homework because of such slow Internet and cell service.”

Rick Sapp concluded the discussion on fiber with a statement about the Committee’s next steps:

“So we are going to be continuing our conversation with our current providers as to what we can and can’t do within our time frames. We will also investigate the option of doing it ourselves: can we assemble a project where we are the leader of the project? That will help us generate a review of costs and commitments. It’s fairly clear that this technology is essential.”

The survey clearly indicated that a majority of RSF residents want and need faster Internet. Some concerns were raised of course, largely around costs, but an overwhelming majority appears to be in favor of moving forward with fiber Internet.

Last year, the Board unanimously approved an LOI executed with Hotwire Communications for a fiber Internet project that would have made a “home run” fiber Internet service capable of bringing up to 10GB spends to every single home in the Ranch. The deal was subsequently terminated by the current Board over cost concerns.

This marked the final RSF Association Meeting of 2016.