RSF Association Board Top Priority for 2017: High Speed Internet


Settling into the New Year, the RSF community looks forward to the new opportunities and challenges ahead. For the Rancho Santa Fe Association Board, that means focusing on one top priority: getting a reliable, high-speed internet service for the Community.

After the Association ran a study to understand the needs of the community, it was shown that two-thirds of respondents were very unhappy with their Internet speed, and 88% of people were interested in improved Internet service. In an article published by the RSF Review, RSF Association board member and Technology Committee co-chair, Rick Sapp explains the importance of this matter to the Board:

“As we move forward on this critical project, we know the importance of hearing from our members… Participant comments emphasized the importance of high-speed service for our residents’ business activities, in supporting students at the R. Roger Rowe School and other public and private schools, and in helping maintain the value and desirability of homes to future buyers.” – Robert Sapp, RSF Association board member and Technology Committee co-chair

Sapp elaborates on the next steps for the Technology Committee, and encourages all residents to submit their comments and suggestions for this important project to the Committee.

Read the full article from The RSF Review.