Los Arbolados Subdivision Plan Moves Ahead


Kurt and Dick Clotfelter, longtime Ranch residents and owners of Paseo Arbolados LLC, formally pitched a plan to create a new subdivision inside the Covenant during the February 2 Rancho Santa Fe Association Board meeting. The Board voted unanimously to approve the subdivision, which was also recommended for approval by the CDRC.

The project was initially submitted for review in November 2016. Located from 6169 Paseo Arbolado to 6180 Paseo Arbolado, the subdivision plan converts an existing 11 detached single family units into 11 condominiums that can be sold individually.

No more units are to be built on the parcel and no physical changes to the property were envisioned; each of the units will be individual lots and the remainder of the property will become common area maintained by Paseo Arbolados LLC. Any physical changes or proposals to the properties will have to go through the CDRC approval process, which will comply with RSF Association rules. 

Kurt Clotfelter, third generation RSF resident and President of Clotfelter Construction, detailed the next steps for the project, which is similar to the neighboring Los Robles. Los Robles is a smaller development also owned by the family and operates via an internal HOA that complies with RSF Association regulations. Clotfelter explained that Los Arbolados would have the same structure.

Now that the subdivision is approved by the Association, the Clotfelters expect to submit it to the County of San Diego for approval.

Kurt reported, “We did do a preliminary, initial, consultation with [the County] and they were in favor – they thought it was very approvable as is.” 

Sale prices on Paseo Arbolado are still not determined but the neighboring properties in Los Robles range from $2.4 to $2.7 million.