Association Board Aims to Design and Engineer Fiber Network Themselves


During the Board of Directors Meeting that took place on Thursday, March 2, RSF Association Board Member and Technology Committee co-chair Rick Sapp updated the community on the strategies the Tech Committee is taking to bring good, reliable Internet to Rancho Santa Fe.

For the past few months, the Tech Committee focused on individual meetings with various vendors to work out a new deal to replace the previous agreement with Hotwire Communications. On Thursday, it was announced that the Association opted to oversee the build out of a network design themselves.

Sapp added, “The Committee decided rather than to continue to entertain different types of iterations being proposed by different companies, that we would provide the design that we wanted to have installed in our community and then have all of those vendors bid on the design.”

Now the Tech Committee is finalizing a request for proposal (RFP) for an engineering design study and construction drawings for a planned network in Rancho Santa Fe. The study will contemplate installing a broadband network across nearly 75 miles of the Covenant and is estimated to cost in the hundreds of thousands according to Sapp.

After the design is approved by the board, a selected bidder would install the network.

An announcement regarding the RFP was released on Monday, February 27 and the Tech Committee expects to have responses back by Friday, March 10.

The next steps include:

  • Bidding process initiation
  • Review of bids
  • Vendor negotiations
  • Vendor selection and recommendation
  • Finance Committee audit of associated costs
  • Full proposal submitted to the Association Board

Once the process is finalized, the Association Board will be responsible for determining in full the contract terms and the building process.

The Tech Committee published an explanation for the fiber network project on the Association website. Read the update here.