Board Chooses Engineering Firm for Fiber Network Design


Board Director and Technology Committee Co-Chair, Rick Sapp, outlined the progress his committee has made over the last month regarding the fiber-Internet project on Thursday. Sapp mentioned that the board received 4 bids from qualified engineering firms, and after consideration, the committee selected one of the vendors to continue negotiations. The name of the vendor was not mentioned.

According to Sapp, the chosen vendor will produce an engineering design for a fiber network that will pass every house in the covenant and provide high-speed Internet. Both the Tech and the Finance Committees recommended the Board approve the vendor. Once the negotiations are over, the Board will send a press release and a letter to all residents with details of the contract.

After the vendor is approved, the committee’s next steps include:

  1. identify the vendor who will provide the service through the network, and
  2. select a vendor that will built the network.

Current Board member and Tech Committee member Kim Eggleston agreed to give his seat to Board Treasurer, Janet Danola. Eggleston, who was not present at the April Board meeting, will complete his term as a Board member in June.

Sapp expects the engineering firm would take about three months to produce a design for the fiber project that will be subject to approval by the Board. A total cost for the engineering phase has not been released.

After being questioned whether the project will actually serve all members, President Wasserman pointed out that the proposed network would cover around 65 miles with conducts and will pass every single house on public streets. Members will be responsible for connecting their home to the network.

The Board estimates that the completion of the project will take between 24 and 30 months and final costs will be estimated after selecting all vendors. Before construction begins, the final project will be subject to a vote, which is tentatively expected to take place during June’s Association Board election.