RSFA Board Approves Resolution to Forbid Recording of Meetings


The Board moved to approve Resolution 107, “Rules Relating to Meetings of the Association Board and Committees” which states that any member of the Covenant is allowed to attend open meetings, as well as pre-approved members of the media. However, neither audio nor video recordings will be allowed at the meetings.

The resolution that was posted online reads:

“… Resolve further, there shall be neither audio nor video recording of any meeting by a member or anyone else, without any prior express approval by the board or its President, or a Committee or its Chair. The Secretary or someone in that capacity may record the meeting to aid with the minutes, however once the Board or Committee adopts the final resolution of the minutes, that tape recording shall be destroyed. Recording of any Board or Committee meetings is strictly prohibited and violation of this rule may issue disciplinary sanctions.”

One resident requested the Board not to pass the resolution, saying it would make it seem like they have something to hide, instead of being transparent.

President Wasserman simply replied, “Recording a meeting is generally not permitted.” The Board moved to approve the resolution following the discussion.