Tech Committee Presents Update on Fiber Project at May Meeting


Rick Sapp, Board Director and Technology Committee Co-Chair, provided residents with an update regarding the fiber project at the monthly Association Board meeting, Thursday.

According to Sapp, the Tech Committee is working diligently to bring fast, reliable Internet to Rancho Santa Fe. The Committee’s objective is to provide residents with 1GB (gigabit) Internet, which Sapp emphasized, would be one of the fastest networks in the country.

During his presentation, Sapp reiterated that the main priority in engineering the network will be to make it accessible to all residents within the Covenant. The Committee is working with the engineering firm Henkels & McCoy (H&M) on a preliminary design. The design is said to cover over 60 miles of Covenant ground, comprising 1,948 street addresses.

The next step for the Tech Committee is to acquire a cost-estimate of the finished design, refine additional details for the engineering plan, and select a provider to service the network.

In regards to choosing a provider that will service the network, Sapp mentioned possible partnerships between AT&T, Cox, Spectrum and other companies with vast experience in California, but a formal partnership has not yet been executed. Once the network design is finalized, Association Manager Bob Hall will present the plan to San Diego County to secure approval for construction.

Board President, Fred Wasserman, applauded Sapp and the Tech Committee for their effort in moving the project forward. “I’d like to thank the Committee for the amount of hours they’ve put in this project” said Wasserman. “We’re getting pretty close.”

In closing, Sapp announced the Association will produce educational materials to communicate details about the fiber-project to members.

Editor’s note: This article was updated on 5/8/17