Amended Bylaws Passed, Sapp and Dunn Elected to HOA Board


The 2017 RSF Association election concluded this week with just over 1,000 ballots returned, surpassing the one-third threshold required for a quorum.

Current Board Direct Richard Sapp was elected with 997 votes to serve a full three-year term after taking over for former Board President Ann Boon last year. Former Golf Club president, Stephen Dunn was also elected, garnering 931 votes. Sapp and Dunn ran unopposed.

The amended bylaws were passed with 948 votes in favor and 96 opposed.

Here is a breakdown of the results:

HOA Board
Dunn: 931
Sapp: 997
Invalid: 3

Amended Bylaws
In Favor: 948
Against: 96
Invalid: 3