RSF Connect Mailer: A Summer Reading Must

Fiber optics background with lots of light spots

The RSF Connect campaign is in full effect, and they have just mailed out a flyer to all Covenant residents, which we have posted here. The flyer explains the upcoming community vote on the high-speed internet project and includes a FAQs section. We cannot emphasize enough our support for this project and the importance of all residents voting on the issue when their ballot arrives in the mail.

With the heat that accompanies August’s arrival, we know it feels like the Ranch has slipped into a dreamy mid-day snooze (was that a tumbleweed that just rolled down the middle of the village?!). But there has been a hive of activity over at the Association all summer long, which deserves not only our admiration, but attention.

So please step away from your Provence rosé, your golf swing, or, your conference call (we know you’ve started to day dream anyway), to read up on what’s at stake (basically, our future) in this next ballot. 

You can also check out the flipbook of the brochure here.


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