I Apologize to All


I have been living in Colorado for the past year. Sometimes one has to view things from a distance to truly appreciate and understand them. Although all of us who live in the Covenant realize it is a very special place, most of us, living anywhere, can sometimes easily be distracted by different points of view in many issues. I was.

I am very sorry that I got caught up in the controversies that surrounded various Association board proposals several years ago. More importantly, I now realize it was certainly not appropriate for me to deride previous boards which did not agree with that current board’s agenda and it was wrong for me to make these disagreements so personal. I apologize to those who were offended by my public pronouncements.

I believe we are all fortunate to be led by current board members who can represent the entire community. I believe they understand the needs of the covenant, including the tennis club and golf club. Whether we are full-time residents or part-time vacationers, I hope we all can pull together to support them. I do.

Jim Boon