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Updated look at our “potential” 2018 water rates

August 17, 2017 SFID Board of Directors Meeting: District staff reported on the 2018 San Diego County Water Authority and Metropolitan Water District wholesale water increases that will be passed through to District customers via their bi-monthly fixed meter costs. 

Below are some representative meter sizes and units which illustrate what your charges were before last year’s voted in three year rate increase. 

***Please note that the far right column represents the “Proposed 2018 Rates” which would take effect January 1, 2018 if the SFID Board of Directors votes to approve the third year rates as recommended in the Prop. 218 mailer sent to District customers.  (The Board is expected to vote on the 2018 third year rate adjustment at the November 16, 2017 Board Meeting.)         

Following are Single Family Residence total costs … bi-monthly fixed meter and water usage costs:

 August 30, 2017 Board Workshop on Water Rate Design/Structure:  A respected industry leader in cost of service analysis, rate design and setting, formerly of Carollo Engineers, Mr. Robert Grantham, gave a well-received overview of the rate setting process.  A number of residents of the Rancho Santa Fe Association, accompanied by their G.M., Bob Hall, and Operations Head, Arnold Keene, were in attendance, as was Joleene Cannon from Fairbanks Ranch, who is the current President of the Fairbanks Community Services District. 

The Workshop resulted in a very good dialogue between Board members and Mr. Grantham.  District staff was directed to make sure that when the proposal for the 2018 Cost of Service Study is developed, many of the issues raised in the workshop are incorporated in the request for proposal.  District customers should be able to access Mr. Grantham’s detailed PowerPoint presentation on the S.F.I.D. website under Board agendas (media handed out at meeting.)

Update on SB623 (Monning) Public Goods Charge on Water:  You might have read Joe Tash’s latest article in the Rancho Santa Fe Review about proposed legislation that would essentially be a water tax placed on all water customers throughout the State of California to pay for improvements to Californians without access to safe and affordable drinking water.  The legislature took up this issue September 1, 2017 and, fortunately, voted to make this bill a two-year bill, thereby allowing additional time to gather input. 

District water usage continues to climb:  The District’s residential gallons-per-capita-per-day for July 2017 was 517 gallons.