CDRC Confidential: Out with the Old, In With the New


Happy New Year! Regular readers of my monthly column know, I promised to share “the good, the bad and the tasteful” during my tenure on the RSFA Covenant Design Review Committee (CDRC). The New Year has brought some “good” news to report.

First, we have two CDRC new members and second, we have a new internal procedure we’re working on to improve our practices and record keeping.

Our new appointees are two smart ladies who immediately stepped up to the work.

Remember my first column last year pointing out volunteering on the CDRC is a donation of the mind, not the pocketbook? I continue to encourage RSFA members to apply to become members of our CDRC. Our HOA is run by volunteers. (No whining about our community if you haven’t volunteered yet.)

My year end column “Holy Wars” answered the question of “How Did that Get Approved?!!’ which is asked by Members whenever they see buildings that do not conform to our HOA’s Covenant, conditions and restrictions (C,C & R’s). Our building requirements are listed in the Protective Covenant (PC) which is recorded on the real property located in RSFA. PC Par. 156 specifically states “…structures shall conform to the following general requirements…” set forth in Par 157-160. (The Fab Four). These requirements include type of architecture, color, materials and roof pitch. The Fab Four have taken quite a beating over the years.

That’s no big secret–Driving our roads will reveal some buildings which do not conform to the Fab Four especially when compared to the majority of our beautiful homes that do meet the “general requirements”. Past Art Juries used “critical view” landscaping to hide these indiscretions, like using parsley to hide a spoilt meal. Fire prevention and drought make a few sprigs of “parsley”/landscape insufficient.

To address this problem, at the January meeting, the CDRC considered amending our internal voting procedure and construction application. I am happy to report we are fine tuning the procedure as I write, and there is a commitment to prevent improprieties and ensure adherence to our CC&R’s. I’ll keep you posted confidentially, of course, on the final result when the CDRC meets later this month. The CDRC’s New Year looks happy & bright. Oops! I mean per PC “Par. 158 Color:… ‘light’” Understated, much more tasteful than “Look at me!” bright.

The statements made in this column are the opinions of the author and not those of the Rancho Santa Fe Association Covenant Design Review Committee.


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