Cowboys and Cyber Wars


I’m so pleased with the work of my co-editor, Rachel Laffer, while I’m out of the loop for a while due to a family medical issue. Rachel is writing on my letterhead today to give you a summary of all that’s happening in the RSF Post for January. Rachel, take it away!


Each year at my daughter’s end-of-school party to kick off summer, I part with fellow parents by saying, “Merry Christmas!” I might get a few uncomfortable half-waves or confused looks, but most of my friends can relate: The second summer starts it’s already ended and we’re deep-sixed in ugly sweater parties, seasonal balsam-fir and hot-apple-cider scented trash bags, party-sized troughs of half-off CVS holiday chocolates, and Will Ferrell’s “Elf” on repeat. Please. Make. It. Stop. And it has. We survived. Just.

And here we are, all wide-eyed and rosy-cheeked with a fresh start and a new year ahead of us. And just like that we’re already in the middle of January. I remember being in my twenties in the loo of a London bar, where a deeply trolleyed woman who asked to borrow my lip liner (um, no) decided to reminisce how one day she was 25 and then (mascara-smudged eyes bulging) – poof! – she was 50. Anyone remember that scene from Mommy Dearest depicting Joan Crawford’s shocking morning ritual of plunging her entire head into a sink full of rubbing alcohol and ice? That’s what that exchange with the drunk loo lady felt like for me. It was an, ahem, very sobering moment. And that’s what this month feels like: Poof! If you blink, you’ll miss it (kind of like life).

High priestess of water, Marlene King, gives us an update on the S.F.I.D.’s latest Board meeting and its outlook for the new year.

Our very own Jane Van Praag definitely has a new spring in her step with her latest CDRC Confidential column, “Out With the Old, In With the New,” where she discusses the two new CDRC Board appointments, and how the Board is fine tuning their internal voting procedures and construction applications so the Fab Four golden rules of Ranch aesthetics are adhered to.

In related news, one of the highlights of last week’s regular RSFA monthly meeting was how the Board would tackle the tricky rental regulation issue, where, on the one hand, you have well-intentioned residents who just want to rent out their home, and, on the other hand, you have residents who are running full-blown businesses out of their properties with, like, razor-wired fences and transport truck depots or swanned and ponded, every-weekend-till-death-do-us-part wedding venues. The Board suggested that they are looking at implementing a punitive fine mechanism rather than just having the flimsy stick of retracting Member “privileges” for the offending parties.

Speaking of roping-in Wild West antics, in my article, “Circling the Wagons” I write about an handful of brewing developments that could eat away at our little slice of spacious manna. Residents should be aware of ongoing projects and attend scheduled meetings about them when possible. The Ranch’s future is at stake. Regarding the Mabee property I discussed in this article, on January 12, 2018, the SD County Court of Appeals made public their decision on the project. On the one hand it’s a positive result for detractors of densification, but allowing SDG&E to use the non-Covenant part of the property has raised concerns. We plan on following up on this story shortly, but if you’re into reading endless reams of legal minutiae that will make your eyes bleed, enjoy the following links to more information on this matter:

To view on PDF click here and to download the document click here.

For more information on this case, you can visit the following website.

In keeping with our cowboy theme, RSF Post columnist Philip Trubey posits in “The Net Neutrality Apocalypse,” should we ignore the pro-regulatory saber rattlers or stock up on guns and ammo? Even though net-neut rules have been rescinded, it looks like market forces will keep the peace.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Just teasing.