Ranch Residents: Sign Petition or Say Goodbye to Rural RSF


On July 25 the Board of Supervisors will hold a public meeting to discuss two development projects that, if approved, will directly and permanently devastate the rural landscape we hold dear as residents of Rancho Santa Fe. I urge all Members to attend this meeting and sign the attached petition to exert as much pressure as possible on the BOS to reject these projects immediately.

The San Diego Planning Commission has already approved two projects near Harmony Grove Village, directly to the east of Rancho Santa Fe, to upzone from two-acre minimum lots to clustered developments, allowing over 800 homes to be built. For example, the Harmony Grove Village South project is 111 acres and initially would have permitted up to 55 homes, terrain permitting. However, this new proposal would allow up to 453 homes to be built. The Valiano project, covering 239 acres, is similar. Current zoning laws allow for 119 homes to be built, terrain permitting. However, this new proposal would allow the construction of 386 homes including casitas on single-family sites and commercial buildings. The total proposed homes in the Citracado Parkway area, just off Del Dios: 839 new homes. This is in addition to the already approved and half-built 742 homes of Harmony Grove Village! Total in that formerly rural area: 1581 homes — almost 1600 homes, right to the east of us!

Where does Rancho Santa Fe fit in? Our community will witness ever-increasing surface street density as those new commuters come through the Ranch. Remember when the DPLU (now known as DPS) Staff recommended widening five of the interior RSF roads to four lanes? El Camino del Norte; El Camino Real/La Noria; La Granada/Los Morros/La Bajada; Via de la Valle/Paseo Delicias/Del Dios Highway and Linea del Cielo.

The pressure will definitely be on our quiet, small village to accept the onslaught of incoming traffic from the east. Approximately 840 new homes mean 8400 average daily trips to add to the current 24,000 average daily trips clogging up the already heavily congested Del Dios Corridor.

The RSFA Board is aware of the impact these projects could have on our community and RSFA President Ken Markstein and RSFA Manager Christy Whalen plan on attending the July 25 BOS meeting and speak on the Covenant’s behalf. Covenant Members should attend this meeting too if they can on Wednesday, July 25, at 9AM at the County Administration Center, located in downtown San Diego at 1600 Pacific Highway on the north end of the third floor (See BOS meeting details at the following link.)

But of even greater importance is that Members sign the attached petition to tell the BOS to REJECT these projects. These projects do not satisfy the need for affordable homes close to work centers, and we do not need them where rural and semi-rural zone area has been on our General Plan for years and years! If these projects are approved, the entire area surrounding our community will apply for clustering development projects.

The attached petition is formatted for letter-sized paper. Print out and fill out, circulate with neighbors, forward to contacts, take a petition to local events. Every little bit helps, so the more we collectively chip in, the stronger our voice is to try to stop the impending destruction of our community.

Click HERE to Download the Petition

Please return petitions Before July 23. Please mail to: North County Concerned Citizens, PO Box 5, Rancho Santa Fe, CA, 92067; or drop off at: RSF Estate Jewelry, 6024 Paseo Delicias, RSF; or fax to: 944-885-7268; or scan/email to: whyfret1@mac.com

Once densification is allowed, it can’t be undone. Please help protect our rural San Dieguito!

Laurel Lemarie is a member of the San Dieguito Planning Group


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