Fiber Construction Starts


It’s finally happening! After seven years of studying, meetings, and RFPs, Rancho Santa Fe’s own gigabit fiber network has finally started construction.

HP Communications, our backbone construction firm, just built their staging yard off Ramblas de las Flores by the soccer field, complete with huge orange reels of fiber optic conduit. Road construction has even begun on the “urgent” roads that the County is scheduled to repave soon with potholes currently being dug along Montevideo to ascertain existing in-ground utilities.

I’ll be posting updates here at the RSF Post as construction continues in order to keep everyone informed of progress. While the Association updates are OK, they are a bit bland. I’m a technologist (see my fiber overview article in the Post here), and used to be on the RSFA Tech Committee, twice, so I’ll be posting about the details underlying our network as they get built.

There will be two separate construction projects occurring at the same time: HP will be digging and laying conduit for the fiber optic cables, and CHPT Construction will be building the central office where the network’s electronics will be housed. The central office will be located between the road and the top of the uppermost golf club parking lot. The Association will be hosting an official “Ground Breaking” ceremony at this location in September (official notice will be sent soon).

Soon, Race Communications, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) for the network, will be contacting residents to see if you want to sign up.

While we wait for the network to be built, one thing we can all work on is getting our home’s WiFi system up to snuff. With the proliferation of smartphones, iPads, wireless TVs and many more things (even my car wants a WiFi connection), it is important that our home networks are able to handle very high wireless speeds in every room (and garage) in the house. I’ve helped people with several large houses now, and it has been an interesting challenge to do correctly.

I’ve put my thoughts and information about this on my Rancho Santa Fe info site.

As it stands now, our soon to be ISP, Race Communications, does not offer an in-house WiFi set up consulting service. So you’re on your own, or find a good in-home networking service business. If anyone knows of a company that does this as a service, please let me know.

Exciting times ahead!

Update June 2019, Race has stated they will now offer an in-home WiFi set up consulting service.