RSF Connect Construction Update


Construction appears to be proceeding smoothly on the fiber project. HP has several digging crews operating simultaneously, but to minimize traffic impact, they are all working on the same stretch of road. So far I’ve found the wait times to get past the construction to be pretty short – anywhere from a minute to at most five minutes at rush hour. 

Some of the road crews are using directional horizontal boring machines, and some are using a big wheeled trenching machine as shown here (beside the large reel of conduit). Which technique they use depends on soil conditions and what kind of existing utilities they have to work around.

As you can see, they are installing one type of orange conduit along the routes with typically several conduits in each trench.

Conduit will be laid first, and underground vaults at the side of the road will be then installed, and then fiber cables will be pulled through the conduits. Finally, splice closures and terminals will be installed to connect fiber cables together and to terminate the fiber end points near houses. Trenches will be properly repaved once all road work in an area is complete.

Don’t forget! If you live on a private road, you must return to the Association a signed access agreement to allow the construction company to install fiber along your road. The Association is a stickler for process and simply won’t run fiber down your road unless all people on your private road execute the access agreement. Email the Association at if you don’t have a copy of the private road access agreement.