Fiber Network Update and Information


After an almost four-week delay waiting for SDG&E to bless a conduit location, work on the Central Office by the golf course top parking lot has now resumed. It shouldn’t take too long to build this concrete block building. By my estimate, this building should be finished just in time to receive the first fiber backbone cables.

Just a reminder that all the road activity we’ve been seeing to date has only been installation of empty conduit. I don’t expect any fiber to be pulled until January at the earliest. Underground vaults still need to be installed in all the locations where you see bundles of orange conduit sticking out of the ground before fiber can be pulled.

Nevertheless, Race Communications, our Internet Service Provider, says they will be be contacting the initial set of potential customers as soon as this week to arrange initial on-site visits.

Once a customer says they want to sign up, Race will visit the house, work with the homeowner to plot a conduit route on their property, and schedule construction of the house conduit (or the homeowner can trench and install their own conduit). The conduit will terminate onto a small exterior wall mounted box. A more flexible fiber cable will then be run from there to inside your house to a fiber router.

Race will also be able to beef up your house WiFi network so that all your smartphones, laptops, tablets and smart home devices will be able to have solid in-house wireless WiFi access to the Internet. Race’s solution will use multiple Calix Mesh units shown here beside the Calix fiber router that will be installed in each house.

You can, of course, use your own WiFi solution (see here for my recommendations on how to improve your own WiFi), but it is nice that Race can offer a complete turnkey managed wireless solution for residents. Race also has telephone and TV offerings.

My personal guess is that the first customers will get fiber Internet sometime in early 2019, so maybe April. HP Communications says the entire network will be done by the end of 2019, so just over a year from now.


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