CDRC Confidential: Epiphany


Just in time for Epiphany, glad tidings about Rancho Santa Fe’s CDRC:

At its final Board Meeting of the year, the RSFA announced my colleague Tim Parillo’s reappointment to the CDRC for another term of three years starting this January. Voters will recognize Tim as a public figure from his service on the San Dieguito Planning Group. His knowledge and experience are appreciated. The RSFA has a small gene pool of volunteers, so this type of continued dedication is invaluable. That brings me to the next topic:

CDRC Topics at RSFA Board’s Jan, 3rd Meeting

The Board encouraged Committees and itself to actively recruit new volunteers. The RSFA is dependent on volunteers. So, dear readers, this means you! The Board needs Covenant Members who may have legal, accounting, or business executive experience to self-nominate by March 12th to the Association Manager to replace outgoing Directors. The CDRC and the other Committees need volunteers, too. Noblesse oblige: RSFA volunteers understand those fortunate enough to live here need to contribute more than their HOA dues. My dearest friends here all served on our Committees and Boards. And it’s not just friendships to be made, I even know people who met their spouses on the volunteer Committees here! Way more authentic and humanitarian than

The Board’s Agenda also included a CDRC “Oversight Discussion.” Like yours truly, other RSFA members expressed concern about projects being built that fail to conform with the Protective Covenant (PC) “general requirements” of architecture, materials and particularly with excessive grading and bulk and mass. (Oversized structures squeezed onto manufactured pads, worse than wedging oneself into jeans post-holiday gluttony.) They are worried about losing our Dark Skies as discussed in a prior column of mine.

Epiphany: The Board got it! In fact, they already got it, as demonstrated by their discussion. Our Board:

  • understands their legal obligations to provide oversight of the Committee;
  • have Resolution IDR 2016-119 in place, so members or the Board itself, could dispute the Association’s approval of a non conforming project;
  • have Res. 2018-107 fine schedule for non-conformance; and
  • have Res. 2017-117 for building site maintenance.

But, since the goal is not to create controversy, but prevent it, the Board continues to search for a Building Commissioner to provide strong oversight of staff and their presentations to CDRC volunteers. They understand that a rotating panel of volunteers in our sweater sets is no match for industry professionals who want to lower/change our CC & R’s unless we have strong staff support consistent with our CC & R’s.

The Board wants to rewrite some Regulations to clear up inconsistencies, but not circumvent the PC. Finally, the Board is committed to put items in a letter to the CDRC to insure conformance to the PC. Claiming support is not enough.

The Board wants newcomers to choose our community over others. During volatile economic times, the security of the high standards of the almost century-old Protective Covenant is a strong reason for investing in our HOA rather than nearby charm-free zones (where Sleeping Beauty’s castle is crammed next to mid-century modern so close, you’d have to roll up the windows every time Prince Charming barbecues next door.)

Loyal readers can imagine my elation after expressing concern in CDRC Meetings and my column for a year and half. Some of these Board Members went from “let the kids build what they want” before their election to strong supporters of the PC. Remember others, I campaigned against seeking representation by a younger demographic. But, we all came together by working with the PC. It was like having players switched over from the opponent score the winning touchdowns for our team at the Rose Bowl!! I have great respect for the maturity, sophistication and integrity of this Board who are tackling neglected issues in a professional manner. This means RSFA members are winners, too, and can look optimistically to a bright new year in the Covenant.

Celebrate Our Forest!

An Event at the RSFGC more fun than the Jan 3rd “Bored” Meeting called “Celebrate Our Forest!” is set for Sunday, Jan. 27th 11a-2p for Members and their children to learn more about our RSFA forest environment and fire safety. There will be representatives and information from SD River Park Conservancy, Ecology Artisans, CA Native Plant Society, Fire Dept. and lots more. Complimentary food and beverages are included. (Wait, handsome firemen and free drinks? Count me in!

The statements made in this column are the opinions of the author and not those of the Rancho Santa Fe Association Covenant Design Review Committee


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