New and Improved!


As you may have noticed, the RSF Post has gotten a face lift. But we’ve done a lot more than dress ourselves up in prettier clothes. We’ve also enhanced our news gathering capabilities, and given this site some very useful new features.

New News

The Post has always been a place where community members can have their articles published. But our reliance, in part, on occasional submissions has meant that our coverage has sometimes been spotty. Even so, we were the only news organization to take the Association to task for deep sixing our playground, and we were the only source of information about a still current lawsuit against the Association. Going forward, however, we now have more resources to ferret out interesting stories and do in depth reporting. 

So, for example, be on the lookout this coming week when the RSF Post will provide a first for Rancho Santa Fe – candidate video interviews for the upcoming RSFA election. Use of video to interview all four candidates will give our readers an up-close-and-personal sense of who the candidates really are. 

Our New Discussion Forum

One of the lessons we learned from the latest CDRC imbroglio is that a lot of people had things to say, but very few wanted to attach their name to such public thoughts lest they further balkanize themselves within this rather small town. What’s needed is a public forum where people can earnestly talk about the issues of the day without having to disclose their online identity to their neighbors. Facebook, with its slavish devotion to real names is not the answer. 

The answer is what we’ve created on this site called our Community Discussion Forum. Anyone can create one (or two…) screen names which anonymizes you in the forums. You will need to provide an email address when you create a username, but that email address will never be disclosed to anyone. It is only used by the system software to notify you of private conversations, or if you want to see notifications of new content to a thread you are following. 

Hopefully we can get a lively group of people participating in our forums. If things get really out of hand Rachel and I will step in to moderate the postings. Regardless, we want people to feel free to let their hair down in the forums.

Comprehensive Calendar

On our sidebar (yes, look to the right –>), you’ll see a list of upcoming events in our community. It incorporates events from the golf club, tennis club, our restaurant, Association meetings, community events, you name it. One thing I found while maintaining this list is that our clubs often have social gatherings that are open to non-club members. For instance, the Tennis club has an upcoming Cinco de Mayo gathering which looks quite fun and is open to all.

Going Forward

The golden rule in polite society is to never talk of sex, religion or politics. Too often this gets overdone in Rancho Santa Fe to where we don’t talk about anything controversial, lest we give the ranch a “bad image”. Apart from the fact that that ship has long since sailed (we are what we are), habitually sweeping controversies under the rug is much worse than bringing things out into the open. Since we are also members of this community, and would rather live in harmonious bliss rather than be angry all the time, we do recognize that a little perspective on hot button issues is sometimes in order. But it is almost always better to call it like it is and let the chips fall where they may. Talking, discussing, and even arguing is therapeutic. It allows us to blow off steam in a safe way. I’ve yet to find a situation where more discussion hasn’t helped. 

So it is in that spirit that we will go boldly forth, providing quality journalism, cutting edge technology, and hopefully making Rancho Santa Fe an even better place to live than it already is.


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