Back at the Ranch: Party Time


There is a fun activity on Thursday, May 9 at 5PM at the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club (GC) for Rancho Santa Fe Association (RSFA) Members:  The Annual Meeting. It’s preceded by a cocktail party. There are some nice people who live here, so I encourage Members to join the fun.

It’s also helpful to be sedated before the entertainment which is the President’s State of the Association address and the Board of Directors Candidates Forum.  There are some positive achievements to applaud this year. There are also some dismal performances which will be glossed over. (That’s when the cocktails help.)

Because the actions of our Board impact our property values, Members cannot afford to miss hearing what the four candidates vying for three positions have to say in their little three-minute speeches. More importantly, it’s the only time Members can let the candidates know what the Members want Directors to do not only during the controlled question and answer section where the Manager screens all written questions, but also during the informal candidates’ “meet and greet.”  That’s when Members have an opportunity to tell candidates and those Directors remaining on the Board next year, what the Members want Directors to do and get their commitments. This would include Members’ solutions to problems RSFA confronts.

Ranch property values have not recovered in over a decade compared with comparable SoCal luxury communities that face water/school issues just like we do. Now that Members know what’s going on with the Board’s Design Review Committee, they can demand Directors control their activities to adhere to their contractual rights under the Protective Covenant. Members who read in the Wall Street Journal that communities focusing exclusively on golf are failing, can talk to the candidates about the issue, particularly with three of the candidates being GC Members. Members from many of the standing Board Committees can express the necessity they frequently cite for proper controls and accountability of staff, including Committee Member input on annual reviews and the need for better communication between the Committees and their Board.

At the last election, the Association sent out 2,800 ballots with 1,131 cast (about 40%). Members accuse the Golf Club of dominating our Association.  GC Members have potentially 744 votes. If golfers vote while others don’t, golfers deserve to dominate (getting a bigger piece of our cake.) To those complaining, find out which candidates will best protect your property values and vote for them.

I attended recent Board meetings where they would not permit Member discussion on actions that usurped Members’ rights. But on May 9th Members are free to express their thoughts when they meet our future and present Directors.  So let’s have some fun: It’s our party, let your voices be heard! The neighbors won’t complain, they’re invited.


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