A Star is Reborn

With all the Cabaret theatrics of Lady Gaga’s deliciously outrageous red carpet wardrobe changes at this week’s Met Gala, the RSF Post’s own star is (re)born. And it’s ready for its close up. 
Our big reveal is obvious the second one clicks on our site via smart phone or laptop. We’re close to legit ugly crying because we’re, like, really pretty now. But beyond our cyber duck facing are some very useful features that aren’t just skin deep. 
We’re not just a pretty face, but a platform that now provides an anonymous Community Discussion Forum on a host of local issues. Provided everyone behaves, it will, in part, resolve the Post’s policy of prohibiting author-less article submissions, as forum participants can get their expressive swagger on like the Met Gala’s glitterati, but without even an air kiss of identifiable notoriety. Full-on Jackie O incognito in effect. Want to weigh in on the RSFA’s micro-sizing Board Room remodel that’s shrinky-dinked the space to fit like 10 Lollipop kids? Or what’s your take on the new four-stop intersection on Linea? School politics? Village life? The topics are bottomless, so get on stage and start belting out a thread in our discussion forum. 
When readers want to move on from cyber mingling, their Brooke-Astor-level social calendar awaits on our Calendar (on the sidebar if viewing on a computer, menu if via phone), indulged with all sorts of Covenant events and gatherings. It’s just all so next level, and we have RSF Post columnist and in-house tech guru Phil Trubey to thank for this programming wizardry. He details all the new site gadgetry in his latest article, “New and Improved!” 
And if our imminent RSF Connect wasn’t cutting edge enough, the RSF Post has created another first for our little town: Candidate video interviews for the upcoming RSFA election up and on our site. BOOM. These bring all four candidates to life in a way that print just can’t. They reveal a fascinating uncut version of each individual running so our readers can come to their own conclusions on whom to vote for. We plan on making this a more regular feature, so our readers can get up-close-and-personal insights, even if they’re not able to make a local meet and greet or official gathering. 
That said, if you CAN make a meeting in person, make tomorrow night the night at the RSFA’s Annual Meeting on Thursday, May 9, at 5PM at the Golf Club. Not quite the Met Gala soiree, but as Jane van Praag alludes to in her new smokin’ hot off the press “Back at the Ranch” column, Members can swan about and quaff some adulterated juice before the live entertainment begins. There will be the President’s State of the Association address and the Board of Directors Candidates Forum with all four candidates (Skip Atkins, Bill Weber, Laurel Lemarie, and Bill Strong) making individual speeches wrapped up by a Member Q&A. 
In Lady Gaga’s musical repertoire, she chants that she lives for the applause. As always, we encourage our readers to reach out and let us know what you think, whether it’s about our new site, a submission to publish, or an opinion in the community forum.
While Hollywood and runway darlings pretend they don’t read the next day’s press, we all know that, despite the morning’s hangover, they’re checking their Swarovski-encrusted phones like a ghosted lover stalking their ex’s Instagram. We’ll ditch the melodrama, but a little shout out would be ever so lovely. 


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