A Pinker Roger Rowe


As a parent of an R. Roger Rowe student who is about to transition to the middle school, I was surprised and dismayed to read that the Board is doing away with two principles, one for the lower and one for the middle school, but also the implication that the remaining principle would not be Kim Pinkerton.

Since Kindergarten, Mrs. Pinkerton would be out front welcoming students to class every morning, and ensuring they got in the right cars during afternoon pickup.  She was one of the cheerful faces that started and ended my son’s school day.  She spoke at nearly every holiday concert and school event.  She seemed to know every student by name and most parents.  She always kept on top of things during the normal course of the day at school or off campus during field trips. Mrs. Pinkerton excelled in her position not only because she fulfilled her professional duties, but because she was passionate about being personally engaged with every facet of Rowe’s community.   

On the few occasions that we had something to discuss with her, she was open and listened attentively to our concerns, and offered suggestions and ideas about how to best handle the situation.  Her advice was practical, as it was often drawn from her own experience as a parent.   

Mrs. Pinkerton embodied the role of principle in a way that few do.  Her professionalism and attention to detail combined with her approachability created an environment that fostered politeness, caring and responsibility.  Parents and children alike could feel this at the school. Any educational institution would be fortunate to have her,.

We are very grateful for the years she was at Rowe directing our son’s education!


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